(Source: Eurosam; posted Apr. 2011)

First manoeuvers for MAMBA

In February 2011, the SAMP/T (MAMBA) system was deployed for the first time in French forces military exercise. The VOLFA exercise took place in the area of Aurillac, MAMBA was deployed by the Servance squadron from Luxeuil Air Force Base.

Fifth MAMBA for French Air Force

On March 17th the French Air Force formally took into service a SAMP/T system, its fifth one. France is now half-way through in the deliveries of SAMP/T weapon systems.

PAAMS sails into harm’s way

The French air defence frigate Forbin, equipped with Eurosam’s PAAMS air defence system, is deployed off the Libyan coast, as part of the French aircraft carrier battle group.
The Charles de Gaulle carrier is itself self-protected by Eurosam’s SAAM.

Italy is also deploying a PAAMS-equipped ship, the Andrea Doria, as part of the Garibaldi carrier battle group.