The first joint Integrated In Service Support Contract is ready for rollout.

(Source: Eurosam; posted July 10. 2012)

OCCAR FSAF Programme Division and EUROSAM are pleased to announce that the first joint & international in-service support contract was signed, on July 10th.

This complex 5-year contract is dedicated to a multifaceted community, with 3 Nations and 5 end users:
France, Italy, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
French Air Force, Italian Army, Italian Navy, UK Royal Navy , French Navy.

The IISS contract will encompass in-service support for all land & naval weapon systems SAAM-Fr, SAAM-It, PAAMS/LRR and SAMP/T, using a mix of Aster 15&30 missiles.

This contract is a major milestone for the FSAF community. The delivery of weapon systems, procured from EUROSAM by OCCAR for the 3 Nations / 5 users through a major contract signed in 2003, is about to be completed within a few months. Production will continue for the Aster missiles, though. It was thus time to optimize the support for these significant numbers of systems:

  • 17 SAMP/T
  • 10 PAAMS/LRR
  • 1 SAAM-Fr
  • 1 SAAM It

With strong commitment from OCCAR FSAF PD, Nations and industry, extensive negotiations addressed the common needs during 4 years. The armed forces will benefit from the most cost effective in-service support solution. This contract is also a major premiere for all stakeholders, demonstrating, for the first time in a major multinational armament programme, the willingness and ability to put together a support community compliant with the respective operational requirements of very different end users (navy, air force, army) for different types of systems. It is a hallmark for the original FSAF philosophy, to develop a complete range of air defence weapon systems for both naval and ground based applications, which today remains a rather unique undertaking.

The IISS Contract will be performed with 2 main advantages in mind:

  • regular contracting “international customers” exchange meetings, where technical information will be shared and lessons learnt, for continuous improvement and embodiment,
  • an official forum equal to an “Aster family Users’ Club”, to refine and redefine the common support policy for the medium and long term.

Beyond the performance of logistics engineering and support activities the 5-year contract will allow Nations, OCCAR and Industry to make common contractual analysis via periodic reviews, with an aim to adjust the contract, incorporating any potential lessons learnt and possible changes to Nations needs.

The IIS represents another big step in the long and fruitful cooperation between Nations, OCCAR and industry. It is a token of the achievements of the FSAF community and demonstrates its strength and cohesion, a perfect forum for would be new comers in the club to benefit from the vast experience of the club members, both at OCCAR, Nations and Industry level.