SAWARI II: Third consecutive successful SAAM firing from a SAWARI II frigate

(Issued Sept. 29th, 2004)

On the 29th September 2004, an operational firing was successfully conducted from the « Makkah » frigate at the CEM (Centre d’Essais de la Méditerranée) test centre.

The « Target destroyed » announcement was made for the third time in a row on board a SAWARI II frigate.

This success marks the end of the training firing campaign for SAWARI II frigate crews. As in the case of the last firings, made on the 23rd March from the « Al Damman » frigate and on the 7th September from the « Al Riyadh » frigate, the target was destroyed by a direct hit.

The 100% success rate of this firing campaign once again proves the excellence of the SAAM system. The system, which equips the three SAWARI II frigates, is a self-defence system consisting of a fire control unit (with ARABEL multifunction radar) and SYLVER vertical launchers, combined with ASTER 15 missiles. This same configuration protects the Charles de Gaulle aircraft-carrier.

This step is also important for the SAMP/T (2) system and the PAAMS (3) programme development, as it confirms the success of these shared components:.

  • The ASTER missile and ARABEL fire control unit are major components of the SAMP/T ground based system which will provide protection to vital assets and area defence against tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft.
  • The ASTER missiles associated with fire control based on the EMPAR multifunction radar (qualified for the SAAM-IT program) are major components of the PAAMS system (Principal Anti-Air Missile System) of the Franco-Italian HORIZON frigate.