SAWARI II: Objective reached: Successful SAAM firing from a SAWARI II frigate

(Issued Sept. 8th, 2004)

On 7th September 2004, an operational firing was carried out from the Al Riyadh frigate at the Mediterranean Test Centre (CEM).

All the objectives of this firing were attained, and the target was destroyed by direct impact.

This success, a major step in the SAWARI II programme, marks the conclusion of the Al Riyadh frigate crew training. The Saudi operators successfully conducted the interception of the target in the planned conditions.

This operational firing adds to the successful firing from the Al Damman frigate on 23rd March, and those of the naval component of the FSAF(2) programme. This interception confirms the effectiveness of the SAAM systems, having now achieved 9 consecutive successes since June 2001, of which 7 were by direct impact.

The SAAM systems concept is based on the combination of a multifunction radar with a phased-array antenna (ARABEL or EMPAR depending on the configuration) and the ASTER missile, whose manoeuvrability and agility in the terminal phase grants an as yet unequalled interception rate.

The SAAM self-defence system, with which the three SAWARI II frigates are fitted, consists of a fire control system (including the ARABEL radar) and SYLVER vertical launchers combined with the ASTER 15 missile. This configuration also ensures the protection of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

EUROSAM GIE brings together the skills of MBDA and THALES within the surface-to-air weapon systems field. Itwas created as a systems prime contractor for the marketing of systems in the FSAF family.