SAMP/T reaches Full Operational Capability

Last month Italy formally stated that its SAMP/T units, deployed in the Army base in Mantova, reached Full Operational Capability, and were ready to take operational missions ordered by NATO or by national authorities. A press brief took place on September 6th.

SAMP/T operational capability has gradually increased, since Fall 2010, when the French Air Force declared it had reached Initial Operational Capability and activated its first MAMBA GBAD squadron, in Luxeuil AFB. Since then Italy and France received most of the units they ordered from Eurosam, through OCCAr, with growing capability as the users got familiar with the outstanding performances of their new  equipment, extensively testing it in operational conditions. The latest tests, in a complete NATO environment, where the ATBM intercept conducted in March 2013 by a joint Italian-French team and the JPOW multinaztional exercise, in June.