Naval Systems

On November 17th, 2011 the French Navy air defence frigate Chevalier Paul successfully tested its PAAMS air defence system. It was the longest range intercept to date for the Eurosam system, with any PAAMS system, whether Italian, British or French.

Meanwhile, HMS Defender, the Royal Navy’s fifth Type 45 destroyer, equipped with the PAAMS (UK) system christened Sea Viper, completed its initial sea trials before returning to the shipyard, in Glasgow.

During the course of May 2011, the Italian Navy proceeded with fi rings from the PAAMS-equipped Andrea Doria frigate, as well as with the final acceptance fi ring trial of the SAAM system fitted to the aircraft carrier Conte di Cavour.

On April 4th, 2012 the French Navy air defence frigate Forbin intercepted a high supersonic sea skimmer target, the very target against which PAAMS was designed.


Surface-to-air anti-missile for ship self-defence & consort protection.

Comprises a multi-function radar (Arabel or Empar), a ship-mounted Sylver vertical launch system, Aster 15 missile interceptors, Mara computer and Magics operator consoles.

In service since 2001 on board the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. SAAM is also deployed by Italian and Saudi navies.


Surface-to-air anti-missile for self defence, consort protection and area defence.

The Italian and French navies variant comprises the Empar multi-function radar, ship-mounted Sylver A50 Vertical Naval Launchers, Aster 15 and Aster 30 missile interceptors, Mara computer and Magics operator consoles, as well as the long range S1815 radar.

The British version of PAAMS mostly differs by the use of the Sampson multi-function radar.

French and Italian navies both deploy 2 Horizon class frigates, which have been in harms way in 2011, off the Lybian coast. The Royal Navy acquired 6 Type 45 ships, equipped with Sea Viper.

Systems Performance