Ground-launched systems

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State of the art GBAD system, with dual ABT and ATBM capability, SAMP/T is a fully autonomous, self-propelled system with truck-mounted modules. Each system typically includes a Fire Control Unit, with a multi-function radar (MRI) and an Engagement Module (ME), and launching elements, with up to 6 vertical launch platforms (MLT) using Aster 30 missiles. SAMP/T boasts the unique capability of being able to simultaneously engage TBMs and ABTs coming from any direction.

When integrated into a higher echelon battle-management system, including early warning capabilities, or when using a dedicated long-range radar for cueing purposes, SAMP/T provides ABT intercept capability beyond 100 km and ATBM capability against threats in the 600 km range class. ATBM features have been demonstrated in live firings.

The French Air Force, after the Volfa exercise in February 2011, deployed a MAMBA (SAMP/T) unit to provide air defence coverage for the G8 summit in Deauville. The first French MAMBA squadron achieved operational status in October 2011. In March 2012 the MAMBA (SAMP/T) proved its ability to support Army mobile formations while matching their maneuver tempo.

In June 2012, the Italian Army activates its first SAMP/T Regiment, in Mantova.

System Performance