MLT Ground Vertical Launch Module

The launcher module is mounted on a truck to achieve the required mobility. It contains 8 ASTER 30 ready to-fire missiles.

To fulfill its mission, it ensures the following functions:

  • transportation of the munitions in horizontal position,
  • localization of MLT by means of an IRU (Inertial Reference Unit) and GPS,
  • leveling of the launch platform,
  • erection of the launch ramp to vertical position,
  • measurement of the attitude of the launch ramp,
  • monitoring the state of the launcher and of each ammunition to control the operational state and log operating conditions,
  • data link with Engagement Module (E.M.),
  • preparation of ammunitions and control of launch sequence.

The SAMP/T concept provides a high rate of fire: a salvo of two missiles can be fired in less than one second, and all eight missiles (from the same launcher) in about 10 seconds.

The large number of ready-to-fire missiles (up to 48 missiles depending of the configuration – up to 6 launchers with 8 missiles per launcher) and the rapid reload capability support this high rate of fire.

All operations, except the initial deployment, are remotely performed and controlled from the engagement module (E.M.).

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