ASTER hit-to-kill Missile Interceptors

The Aster 15 and 30 interceptors are vertically-launched surface-to-air missiles sharing the same basic design and the same terminal « hit-to-kill » vehicle. They differ only by their booster stage, which is larger in the Aster 30 to allow longer range.

The terminal dart is steered using the patented PIF-PAF system, which combines conventional aerodynamic controls for maneuvers up to 60 Gs, and direct thrust vector control in the terminal phase, up to 12 Gs. Thrust vectors are located on the missile’s centre of gravity for maximum responsiveness.

Aster 15 is used in the naval configurations for self-defence and consort ship protection.

Aster 30 is used in the naval configurations for area defence and in the ground based systems.


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