Paris Air Show

Eurosam SAMP/T (MAMBA) is one of the systems given new exposure during the 2013 edition of Paris Airshow, in Le Bourget. As during previous editions, SAMP/T elements are displayed on the Eurosam company booth: a launcher, featuring 8 Aster 30 cells, an Engagement Module, with its L16 apparatus, and one Arabel radar. But this new year the system is also displayed on the official French MoD booth, with another Engagement Module, alongside Rafale and Mirage fighter aircraft. French MoD wishes to highlight the new status of its Mamba systems, which are now equipping its GBAD units.
Delegation from various NATO, Middle East and Asian nations visited the Eurosam booth, a token of the rapidly expanding interest in the system.

Eurosam au Bourget