OCCAr and Eurosam sign contract amendment

In December 13th 2016, OCCAr awarded to Eurosam the Sustainment & Enhancement contract. This contract was materializing France launching development activities to modernize Eurosam weapon systems, with the development of ASTER 30 B1NT ammunition and the related SAMP/T system modernisation. On June 14th, 2017, during Eurosatory show, French and Italian Ministers of Defence signed an agreement formalizing Italy intent to join S&E.

UK, with its involvement in the Eurosam naval and ammunition programmes was also negotiating through OCCAr.

Eventually, on December 20th last year, OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree and Eurosam General Manager signed Amendment 1 to the S&E Contract.

Amendment 1 to the S&E Contract incorporates not only the entry of Italy into the development of ASTER 30 B1NT ammunition and the SAMP/T system modernisation programmes, it also integrates all three nations (FR,IT & UK) into the Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) and extension Programme for the existing Aster 15 and Aster 30 Munitions. It also includes some preliminary studies to prepare for the modernisation of the PAAMS Systems

The formal signature was followed, on January 23rd, by a celebration event.


SIgnature of amendment  to S&E contract S&E amendment  celebration event