New success for Franco-Italian FSAF Program. Successful Completion of SAAM firing from a new operational platform

Following the signing of the contract for the mass production of the SAMP/T (Ground Based Air Defense) system on 12 November 2003, a new success for the FSAF program was announced today.

This success concerns the naval component of the FSAF family, and more particularly the SAAM self-defense system, the first unit of which is already installed to protect French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

On 23 March 2004, a firing operation was carried out at the CEL test center in France, from a SAWARI 2 frigate.

The firing theme of 23 March 2004 was representative of the interception of a medium-range target. The target was intercepted with a direct impact, and the results of this test clearly show that the assigned objectives have been attained. All of the system’s components were involved in the firing operation. The fire control function using the ARABEL radar detected the target and controlled the engagement, with an ASTER 15 missile that was launched from vertical launch module SYLVER.

The hard killing of the target is one more time the demonstration of the high agility of the missile in the final game. The activation of the Direct Thrust Vector Control system called PIF (Pilot In Force) has provided ultimate trajectory corrections and led to target kill by direct impact.