NAWAS 2012

(Source: Eurosam; posted March 16. 2012)

From March 16 till March 29th a major French forces air defence exercise took place. The MAMBA (SAMP/T) contributed, with 3 systems deployed in various phases of the operation. The /Servance /air defence squadron, from Luxeuil Air Base, deployed both its systems, demonstrating the ability for the MAMBA to match the operational tempo of an Army exercise, while providing the required air defence coverage to mobile formations. NAWAS 2012 culminated with a large number of firings from various air defence systems, including a MAMBA firing, on March 28th, by the /Tursan /squadron from Mont-de-Marsan Air Base.

EDSA 12/950 /Tursan /becomes the second French Air Force MAMBA squadron to reach operational capability.