Horizon frigate ready for overseas deployment

(Source: Eurosam; posted Nov. 5, 2010)

“On October 14th, the French navy declared its first Horizon class air defence ship “admitted into active service”. The Forbin frigate is soon due to leave for the Indian Ocean with the carrier battle group. This is the latest event in a series of important milestones over the past few months for the PAAMS air defence suite which equips British, Italian and French ships. In May and June all three navies successfully conducted a series of firings (4), thus testing all versions of the PAAMS system. Then in September the Royal Navy conducted a Sea Viper (UK variant of PAAMS) firing exercise from its first T45 ship, the previous ones having been made from the Longbow test platform.

With the Forbin’s mission the first operational deployment of a PAAMS equipped ship is now at hands. French Navy is expected to admit into active service its second Horizon frigate, Chevalier Paul, before summer 2011.