First Qualification Firing of Aster 15 Naval Missile From Italian SAAM/IT System

PARIS—Eurosam has successfully completed the first qualification firing of its Aster 15 Naval missile from an Italian naval defence system known as SAAM/IT (Superficie-Aria Anti-Missile/Italia, or Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile/Italy).

The launch was conducted from the Italian « Carabiniere » experimental ship at the French DGA’s Mediterranean Test Centre (Centre d’Essais de la Méditerranée – CEM), off the coast of Toulon, south-west France.

The firing resulted in a direct hit against the target from a distance of 7 km and at an altitude of 1000m. The missile followed a nominal trajectory.

The SAAM/IT naval defence system shares the same subsystems as the French SAAM/FR system, notably the Sylver vertical launcher and Aster 15 Naval missiles, but the MBDA-designed fire control system is integrated with an Italian multi-function EMPAR radar.

Both the SAAM/FR and SAAM/IT programmes are run by EUROSAM, a joint venture comprising MBDA and Thales.

The latest firing follows qualification of the French SAAM/FR configuration, which uses an Arabel multi-function radar. SAAM/FR was qualified on 30 October. This qualification firing resulted in a direct hit against a late-launched target at a distance of 10km and 100m above the water.