Program milestones

December 2015 Signature with OCCAr of B1NT contract, to develop enhanced ATBM capabilities for SAMP/T, including a new version of Aster 30.
March 2013 3rd ATBM intercept by a SAMP/T. 1st one with full connection with NATO network
July 2012 Signature with OCCAr of the first multinational Integrated in Service Support contract, covering all Eurosam systems delivered to Italy, France and United Kingdom.
July 2011 End of the Qualification Phase for the SAAM/It developed for the Italian Navy.
April 2011 French and Italian PAAMS ships deployed in harm’s way, off the Libyan coast.
November 2010 First all European ATBM intercept, by SAMP/T.
October 2010 First PAAMS equipped frigate admitted into active service, within French Navy.
October 2010 First SAMP/T operational squadron. French Air Force.
July 2008 First French Air Force operational firing; demonstration of long range capability
May 2008 First 2 SAMP/T operational firings, by Italian Army
May 2007 Last PAAMS qualification firing. EMPAR configuration.
April 2007 Delivery of first 2 SAMP/T units, respectively, to Italian Army and French Air Force
December 2006 End of SAMP/T qualification firings against conventional threats.
July 2005 First SAMP/T qualification firing.
Sep. 2004 Additional firings from Royal Saudi Navy frigates;
three targets hit and destroyed.
March 2004 First firing of SAAM-1 from Royal Saudi Navy frigate.
Nov. 2003 Award of the 3 billion euro Phase 3 production contract.
Dec. 2002 End of the Qualification Phase for the SAAM/IT developed for the Italian Navy.
Oct. 2002 First Qualification firing of the SAMP/T.
Oct. 2002 First operational firing from the Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle.
Jul. 2002 Transfer to Saudi Arabia of the first SAWARI II Frigate.
Oct. 2001 End of the Qualification Phase for the SAAM/FR developed for the French Navy and selected by the Saudi Navy.
May 2001 Completion of manufacturer’s validation firing test for the Aster 30 missile.
May 2000 **Award of contract for development of block 1 ATBM capability.
Aug. 1999 PAAMS contract signature (2.3 bn US$).
Mar. 1998 **Completion of manufacturer’s validation firing tests for the Aster 15 missile.
  **Signature of the first export contract: three SAAM-F systems, with Aster 15 missiles, to be installed onto the Royal Saudi Arabian Navy’s F-3000S « stealth » frigates (derived from the French Navy’s La Fayette-class).
May 1997 **Award of Phase 2 contract (1 bn US$) for pre-production and initial production of the French-Italian naval and land systems.
Jul. 1995 **First interception of a manoeuvring combat aircraft target flying at an altitude of 15,000 metres and a speed of 1,000 k.p.h. by an Aster 30 missile.
1993 **Signature of contract for preliminary ATBM study.
May 1990 **Signature of development contract for FSAF Phase 1 (valued at 2 bn US$).
May 1989 **Establishment of Eurosam following the signature of French-Italian Memorandum of Understanding and development go-ahead for the Eurosam family of missiles, known as FSAF (Future Surface-to-Air Family of missiles).