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Corporate Structure

EUROSAM is headquartered in Le Plessis Robinson, in the south of Paris, with another facility in Rome.

The company was established in June 1989 by three major European aerospace companies (Aerospatiale, Alenia and Thomson-CSF) known today as MBDA Missile Systems and THALES.

Development and initial production of Eurosam’s air-defence systems was funded by the French and Italian ministries of defence on a 50/50 basis. Today EUROSAM’s ownership is shared between MBDA and THALES. These two companies, among Europe’s largest and most experienced defence contractors, are both shareholders and subcontractors to Eurosam.

EUROSAM is the industrial prime contractor and system design authority for the development, production, marketing and sales of a range of medium/long-range naval and ground-launched air-defence missiles also known as Famille de missiles Sol-Air Futurs (FSAF), or Future Surface-to-Air Family of missile systems.

These systems were developed to answer to the operational requirements of modern air defence. These requirements called for naval and ground launched missiles capable of defeating threats as diverse as high-speed tactical missiles (supersonic sea skimmers, air-launched, anti-radiation, cruise, TBM and other types) and highly-manoeuvering aircraft, in saturation attack scenarios.

Government oversight and contract management is the responsibility of OCCAR, the European agency, through a joint program office known as the DP/FSAF , also based south of Paris.


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