Brothers in arms : French and Italian MAMBA train together

From March 31st to April 10th, a major GBAD exercise, GBADEX, took place in southern France, near the city of Narbonne. 3 MAMBA systems participated.   One from the French air defense squadron (EDSA) 4/950 « Servance », from Luxeuil Air Base, another one from Istres Air Base (EDSA 1/950 « Crau ») and one from the Mantova 4th GBAD regiment from the Italian Army. All MAMBA systems, Italian and French, were connected to the French Air Force command and control structure, using standard NATO datalinks. It was thus an excellent opportunity for French and Italian troops to work together and share experience on their common equipment.
Another Eurosam system contributed to GBADEX, as the Forbin frigate, equipped with PAAMS, was linked to the network and exchanged data with the ground based GBAD element composed of MAMBA units and command and control equipment.