Another successful SAMP/T firing of Aster

(Source: Eurosam; issued July 4, 2008)

Within the framework of the techno-operational evaluation by the French Air Force of the Franco-Italian SAMP/T1 medium-range ground based air defence system, the French Air Force has carried out its first ASTER 30 firing. The firing took place at the CELM test range located in Les Landes on 3rd July 2008.

The firing was operationally representative of the long-range interception of a subsonic aircraft flying at high altitude by the SAMP/T system operating in an integrated mode with the French Air Defence system. All the successive phases of the engagement ran nominally with the target being intercepted by a direct hit at the intended range.

For this firing, the SAMP/T system comprised the Engagement Module, the ARABEL Radar and Identification Module with its Electrical Generation Unit, a Vertical Launch Unit and the ASTER 30 Missile.

This ASTER 30 firing forms part of a long list of earlier successes with the ASTER missile:

–ASTER 30 successful technical-operational firings performed by the Italian Army on the 22nd and 26th May 2008;
–ASTER PAAMS2 successful qualification firings on 23rd May 2006, 18th December 2006 and 14th May 2007;
–ASTER 30 successful SAMP/T system qualification firings on 26th July 2005, 20th December 2005 and 14th November 2006.


  1. The SAMP/T « Sol Air Moyenne Portée Terrestre » (Ground-to- Air Medium Range/Land) comprises a fire control system featuring the ARABEL Radar and Identification Module, the Engagement Module, and from 4 to 6 vertical launch units associated with the ASTER 30 missiles.
  2. The PAAMS ‘Principal Anti-Air Missile System” comprises a firing control system featuring the EMPAR radar and the SYLVER vertical launch units associated with the ASTER 15 & ASTER 30 missiles.