Another Successful ASTER Firing with SAMP/T

(Issued Dec. 20, 2005 )

On December 20th 2005, the Franco-Italian SAMP/T(1) medium-range land system successfully fired an ASTER 30 missile on the CELM Landes test site. This firing is part of the qualification tests of the SAMP/T system, which will enter into operational evaluation with the French and Italian Armed Forces during the second 2006 semester.

The theme of this firing is representative of the medium-range/low altitude interception of a maneuvering subsonic aircraft. The target was intercepted and directly hit.

For the purpose of this firing the SAMP/T system comprised the Engagement Module, the ARABEL Radar and Identification Module, a Vertical Launch Unit and the ASTER 30 Missile.

This firing and the system tests performed at the CELM since the beginning of 2005 have demonstrated the exceptional performance of the SAMP/T system and its maturity.

This ASTER 30 firing extends a long list of prior successes with the ASTER missile:

o ASTER 30 PAAMS(2) successful firings on 1st June 2005 and 12th October 2005;

o ASTER 30 successful firing for qualifying the SAMP/T system on 26th July 2005;

o Firing of a salvo of two ASTER 15 missiles from the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle on May 25th 2005, continuing the 100% success rate of ASTER 15 naval firings since December 2001.

(1) The SAMP/T « Sol Air Moyenne Portée Terrestre » (Ground-to- Air Medium Range/Land) comprises a fire control system featuring the ARABEL Radar and Identification Module, the Engagement Module, and from 4 to 6 vertical launch units associated with the ASTER 30 missiles.

(2) The PAAMS ‘Principal Anti-Air Missile System » comprises a firing control system featuring the EMPAR radar and the SYLVER vertical launch units associated with the ASTER 15 & ASTER 30 missiles.