An Important Step for the FSAF Family

(Source: Eurosam; issued Oct. 21, 2002)

PARIS—On October 11th 2002, Eurosam completed the first qualification firing of the full land-based SAMP/T system (Sol-Air Moyenne Portée Terrestre – Land-based Medium Range Ground-to-Air).

Within the framework of the collaboration between France and Italy, the SAMP/T qualification campaign is performed in Italy at the “Poligono Interforze di Salto di Quirra “PISQ” Test centre on Salto di Quirra in Sardinia.

The firing simulated a medium range interception of a subsonic aircraft attacking at an altitude of 3,000 metres.

An SAMP/T section contains the following components:

–A Fire Control System comprising a multi-function radar with integral identification and engagement module.
–Launchers (up to 6 vertical launch modules).
–ASTER 30 missiles.

All these components have completed sub-system qualification.

As the land-based component of the F.S.A.F. family, the SAMP/T system is a theatre anti-missile system designed to protect the battlefield and other sensitive sites (airports, harbours, etc.) against all current and future threats (cruise missiles, piloted and non-piloted aircraft and tactical ballistic missiles in the 600-kilometres class).

Alongside the SAMP/T, EUROSAM is developing a family of naval systems to fulfil the missions required to counter a new generation of threats:

–The SAAM (Surface-Air-Anti-Missile) naval self-protection system for equipped vessels is qualified in its French configuration and has entered service with the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”. This configuration could also be fitted to the new French modular frigates.

–The Italian configuration of SAAM is now in its qualification phase. The first vessel to carry the system will be the Nuova Unita Maggiore aircraft carrier “Andrea Doria”, with the possibility that it may also be carried by the Italian navy’s New Generation frigates.

–PAAMS (the Principal Anti-Air Missile System) fitted to Horizon frigates has the same capability and will also be used to provide area defence. This system will benefit from the validation of the SAAM systems and should complete its qualification phase in 2004/2005.

The land-based system also uses components common to other FSAF family systems:

–The Thales Arabel multifunction radar system is fitted to the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”.
–The Aster 30 version of MBDA’s Aster missile (which uses the same terminal missile stage as the Aster 15 version).
–Those elements of the Control System common to all naval systems (hardware and software).
–Those elements of the vertical launch system common to all naval systems (hardware and software).

EUROSAM was set up by the companies now known as MBDA Missile Systems and Thales to project-manage and market the FSAF family.